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5. Mar, 2020

Catherine Waters

I purchased many of the Afternoon Tea Shampoo Stones while in Landstuhl. Your shop was lovely, and everyone who received them as gifts has raved about their hair after use. These are an amazing product and your shop was a delight to the senses. Your service
was so cheerful and professional that even my short visit relieved some of the stress associated with the emergency circumstances of my stay in Landstuhl. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and much joy with your products. Many thanks from the United

15. Nov, 2019


Hi, which soap is for facial use?

16. Jul, 2017

Thomas Ono Günthner

Hi I already bougt some of your soaps today in Zavelstein. Quite good quality and a fair pricing.... to be honest I'm impressed :-)

The only wish I have is, soaps with a hole in the middel with thin rope for hanging somewhere in the shower :-). This is a small gap in the "high end quality handmade soap business". Just a little suggestion...... but I'm quite sure ordering also without ropes.

All the best from Black Forest