Lava stone

Price: 2,80 EUR
Lava stone for exfoliating feet. Aprox. 5x5cm

Wooden doap dish

Price: 6,00 EUR
Wooden soap dish 11x8 cm

Ceramic soap dish

Price: 14,00 EUR
White and gray ceramic soap dish. Measures 13 x 8 cm

Advent calendar

Price: 49,00 EUR
Our very own advent calendar, stuffed with products from our shop. 36 x 28 x 4.5 cm weight : 1000 g

Afternoon tea shampoo stone

Price: 6,90 EUR
Our own shampoo stone. Made with the 2 most gentle surfactants. SCI (baby foam) and SCS. Both derived from coconut oil. Contains Aloe vera, Argan oil and Cocoa butter to soften and condition your hair. The scent is our favourite Afternoon tea scent of fresh but Zesty gentle wild roses. Directions for use: Wet hair, rub the shampoo stone 2-3 times over the hair, then work up a lather, rinse. repeat if needed. There should be no need for conditioner, it is already included in the shampoo stone. The stone weigh no less than 65g and lasts for 8-12 weeks if kept dry and allowed to dry between uses.

3 x Lady Gray's Bath Tisane

Price: 9,00 EUR
Good old soap shops own combination of uplifting herbs, oats and oils to add to your bath. conveniently contained in a muslin cloth. Directions. Add the whole bag to your hot bath water and enjoy the soothing effects of the oats and avocado oil and the uplifting aroma from the lemongrass, bergamot and coriander. We recomend to run the hot water first with the herbs, Then add the cold water.The price is for 3 bags of herbs. Each bag containing no less than 14g. Enough for one single bath.

Ramie soap bags

Price: 3,80 EUR
Soap bags made from the natural fabric Ramie. Perfect for hanging your soap up in the shower to give it a chance to dry between uses. Can also be used to wash with.

Lady Gray's Bath Tisane

Price: 4,50 EUR
The price is for one bag of herbal bath tea wrapped in Cheese cloth. Containing no less than 14g herbs. Directions for use: put the whole bag into the hot running bath water, Let seep, add cold water till prefered temperature and enjoy

Knitted JUTE cloth.

Price: 4,50 EUR
This hand knitted cloth is made from the natural fabric" Jute." It fits perfectly on the hand and have a loop so it can be hung up. Exfoliates very well without scratching. only lime green available at the moment.

Natural Raime Scrub/loofah

Price: 6,50 EUR
This is a "ball" made of fluffy natural material used to wash and scrub the body. Can be washed in the machine at 40-60 degrees. A great alternative to the more common loofahs made of synthetic materials

Aluminium box for solid shampoo storage

Price: 2,75 EUR
7 cm diameter, 3 cm tall. Shampoo stone not included

Shower steamers

Price: 1,80 EUR
Menthol Shower steamers. Simply put on the floor in shower, and let the HOT water release the menthol and essential oils for you to be able to inhale.