If you are looking for environment friendly, yet luxurious, soaps and bath products, then you have come to the right place.


At the Good Old Soap Shop, we offer a large selection of handmade block soaps, made from precious oils like olive, avocado, coconut, almond, shea and many more.


No animal fats are used in any of our products and also no palm oil. The vegan community is growing, also here in Germany and we are proud to inform you that our products are vegan friendly.
We want to create soaps as naturally as possible, and use only plants and clays for color.  

We use no "foam making chemicals" no Poly 80, no parabens, no artificial preservatives and your skin will soon tell the difference.

 Our soaps have a lovely rich lather created by the combination of natural oils that your skin will love. 

Apart from soap, we also have handmade bath truffles, bath tea, bath balls, scrubs and sponges made from natural, environment friendly materials.


If you, like us, are aiming for a “waste free” life style, or just want to help reduce plastic packaging, then our soaps and bath products are the perfect choice as they are sold “naked” then wrapped in unbleached, brown paper, and our shipping boxes and fill material are all recycled.



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  • Bath balls

    These amazeballs will fill your bath with milky froth as they fizz away releasing their nourishing oils and fantastic aromas leaving your skin fresh, clean and ready moisturized

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